How We Got Started

My Story…


My father was my inspiration. Although he was legally blind and partially deaf, most of my friends and many of his acquaintances, never even knew he was visually impaired.  That is not until he crashed through a hedge on a pogo stick or “forgot” to turn on the lights in a dark room.


Don’t get me wrong; he didn’t deny his handicap.  But he never let it stop him from living his life.  When he needed help, he wasn’t afraid to use a special device or ask for help.


One of his helpful tools came to mind as I was looking over the scrapbooks I had made for my son’s graduation open house.  I realized that I had left the “tails” off of several letters.  I had written passages using a ruler and had forgotten to go back and put in the bottom of the g’s, j’s, p’s, etc.


Then it hit me!  I could use one of Daddy’s signature cards.  It was a small metal card with a window cut out of it.  Near the bottom of the window was a rubber band that allowed him to write letters that went “below the line” without having to move the card.


Introducing the eeeEasySTRAIGHT journaling tool!  I have modified my father’s tool to meet the needs of scrapbookers, calligraphers and, anyone who wants to write in a straight line without the line showing.  With my tool you can write journal entries quickly and neatly.  You will never have to go back to add “tails” to your letters.  You won’t have to buy expensive lined pages or special die-cuts.  You won't risk tearing a page or smearing a letter from trying to erase guidelines you drew.  And there'll be no smudges remaining from the residue of those "disappearing ink" type journal guides.


You will have nice, straight handwritten records of your most precious memories.  Or you can create elegant entries combining stickers, embellishments and calligraphy.  It's all up to you!  What's for certain is you will spend less time journaling and more time with your family and friends creating moments to remember.  As you record your story, you too, will become an inspiration to the people you love.